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Unique valve mechanism

Regular-production BMW 6-cylinder engines employ bucket-type hydraulic lifters, actuating the valves directly with minimum noise and no periodic adjustment. For an engine with the S54’s rpm potential, BMW M engineers needed less reciprocating mass. To achieve this, they created a different actuating mechanism, using finger-type rocker arms. Pivoting on their […]

A brief history of the M3

The first generation M3 was essentially a racing car tamed for road use. Offered in the U.S. from 1988 through 1991, it was based on the then-current 3 Series generation (internal platform designation E30) and was a winged, spoilered 2-door sedan powered by a rip-snortin’ BMW M 4-cylinder engine of […]

Das BMW M6 Cabrio

Unvergleichlich dynamisch, unvergleichlich offen, unvergleichlich attraktiv: Das BMW M6 Cabrio ist ein Traumwagen für Auto-Enthusiasten, die imposante Leistungskraft mit einer besonders stilvollen Form des Offenfahrens verbinden möchten. Die BMW M GmbH hat für diesen Zweck ein einzigartiges Fahrzeug geschaffen. Zehn Zylinder und ein Hubraum von fünf Litern, 373 kW/507 PS […]


Revised from rubber to roof Starting with its carbon-fiber roof and ending at the 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in sticky Continental Z-rated rubber, BMW’s Motorsport Division has performed a top-to-bottom revamp of the 6 Series coupe in creating the M6. At just over 3,900 pounds, the M6 is not exactly […]

BMW M6 bytes a bit much

Andretti explained, among a myriad of other topics, his views on automotive electronics. While Andretti’s comments were motor racing-related they conversely were relevant to road car technology. Sitting in the lagoon restaurant of the Marriott Hotel at Surfers Paradise, Andretti was having a good old natter about whether driving skill […]