2006 BMW M Roadster – Taking the Z4 to an Even Higher Level of Performance and Purebred Sport

At the same time as BMW is launching an updated, newly powered Z4 Roadster Series, the Bavarian automaker is also unveiling a BMW M version of this spirited 2-seater: the M Roadster, which takes the Z4’s innate sportiness to an even higher level of thoroughbred performance and driving pleasure.

Keen observers of the sports- and performance-car scene will recall that along with the previous generation of BMW’s 2-seat Roadster, the Z3, BMW M offered its version. Also known as the M Roadster, it packed M’s ultra-high-performance 6-cylinder engine and offered enthusiasts a rip-snortin‘ pleasure machine, long on character and short on timidity.

When the current Z4 Roadster was introduced in the 2003 model year, BMW kept a possible M version under consideration. Then, as now, the Z4 Series consisted of two models powered by regular-production BMW 6-cylinder engines. Now, though, the decision is in: Alongside the now improved regular-production Z4s (themselves powered by BMW’s new magnesium/aluminum Valvetronic 6-cylinder engine), a new M Roadster makes its debut, with production beginning in January ‘06 at BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina factory. Base price for the new M Roadster is $51,995 including destination.

With the M Roadster, BMW brings together the Z4’s advanced sports-roadster concept and a version of the BMW M 6-cylinder engine that’s even more powerful than that of the previous M Roadster – plus a wide range of new BMW and BMW M developments in suspension, steering, brakes, stability systems, safety features and, not to be left out, luxury and convenience feaures. In short, the new M Roadster is an artful fusion of ultimate BMW M performance, contemporary technology and abundant luxury.

 Author: Text Source - BMW Press Club